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Bite-sized fun. Full-sized flavor.


Founded in 1991

Since 1991, Pretzelmaker® has specialized in serving fresh baked pretzel products, dipping sauces, and all-natural lemonade. Long recognized as an innovator in their industry, the brand is credited with inventing the popular Pretzel Bites, known for their portability.

Pretzelmaker® is currently the second-largest soft pretzel concept in the United States and is also expanding worldwide with locations in Canada, Guam, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. In 2018, Pretzelmaker launched the Fresh Twist brand to fulfill a growing demand for breakfast and late-night options.

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Store Design Tour

The new retail store design for Pretzelmaker embodies a sense of fun and joy, welcoming customers with its vibrant and warm color scheme that pays tribute to the fresh and delicious food offered. The store’s layout is designed to be accessible, with soft and rounded elements that create a welcoming atmosphere for customers of all ages.

The durability of the store’s design is emphasized through the use of high-quality materials built to last. There are no corners to cut here, as every element of the store is carefully crafted to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for customers. Despite the store’s small footprint, the new design packs a punch with its bite-sized offerings, which are sure to be a hit with customers. With its soft and rounded elements, vibrant color scheme, and emphasis on durability, the new retail store design for Pretzelmaker is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun and delicious snack experience.

Our Story

Pretzelmaker believes food is a shared experience. We make our snacks from scratch before customers’ eyes with a recipe that’s uniquely our own, right down to the dough. Pretzelmaker has made a name for ourselves with our portable pretzel bites and our menu complete with drinks and dipping sauces.

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Always new with a
Fresh Twist

Our franchisees’ flexibility is important to us, which is why we’re innovators. Our Fresh Twist model is poised to take over the non-traditional space with exciting new menu options, a three day-part menu, and the ability to adapt to spaces both large and small. We’re always perfecting our bite-sized snacks to keep things fresh for our customers. People around us always know we are a step ahead.