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Where Everyone is Family

Buffalo's Cafe

Founded in 1985 / Roswell, GA

Founded in 1985 in Roswell, Georgia, the family-themed casual dining chain, known for its world-famous chicken wings and 18 unique homemade wing sauces, burgers, wraps, steaks, and salads has been serving fresh southwestern themed cuisine for over 35 years. Featuring a full bar and table service, Buffalo’s Cafe offers an unparalleled dining experience affording friends and family the flexibility to enjoy an intimate dinner together or to casually catch the next sporting event while enjoying robust menu offerings. Buffalo’s Cafe – Where Everyone Is Family™. For more information, visit

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Franchised Units


Buffalo's Express Co-branded units
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800-4500 ft.²

Ideal Space
Global Sales

6% Royalty

Percent of Net Sales

Our Story

The story of Buffalo’s Cafe begins and ends with buffalo wings. Created in Buffalo, NY in the mid 60’s, these tender, meaty morsels were irresistibly delicious, and the concept soon took flight. Our founders were on the forefront of this foodie trend, making our restaurant specialize in the now world-famous buffalo wings. The first Buffalo’s Cafe opened its doors in 1985 in Roswell, Georgia. Since then, we’ve grown to over 15 Buffalo’s Cafe Full Service Restaurants and over 100 Buffalo’s Cafe Co-branded restaurants around the world (with plenty more coming soon to a city near you). 


Wings & Family

Revered by our fans for our winning wings in 13 homemade sauces, Buffalo’s Cafe is committed to serving the highest quality fare in a family-friendly environment with exceptional service. All you really need to know “About Us” are these two things: Wings & Family. Why are these so important to us? Our charge at Buffalo’s Cafe is and always has been about family: a place where you can gather the herd and chow down on winning wings and all American things. With a wholesome, friendly atmosphere and great, quality food, we’ve built our vision of a home away from home, a restaurant where everyone is family. 

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World Famous Buffalo Wings

Named after our world famous Buffalo Wings and unique homemade Buffalo wing sauces, Buffalo’s Cafe showcases classic American dining while remaining inline with modern consumer food trends. Diners experience the look and mood of the Southwest from the moment they pass through our doors, creating a gathering place unlike any other. Whether your family is the soccer team gathering after a big game win or your organization holding a fundraiser, Buffalo’s is proud to be the hub. It’s why we’ve had an enduring legacy for over 30 years, and we stand by our convictions.