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The Last Great Hamburger Stand


Founded in 1952 by Lovie Yancey* / Los Angeles, CA

An all-American, Hollywood favorite, Fatburger is a fast-casual restaurant serving big, juicy, tasty burgers crafted specifically to each customer’s liking. With a legacy spanning 70 years, Fatburger’s extraordinary quality and taste inspire fierce loyalty amongst its fan base, which includes several A-list celebrities and athletes. Featuring a contemporary design and ambiance, Fatburger offers an unparalleled dining experience, demonstrating the same dedication to serving gourmet, homemade, custom-built burgers as it has since 1952 – The Last Great Hamburger Stand™. The brand continues to grow on a global scale, with over 200 units in 20 countries.

* Founded in 1947 as ”Mr. Fatburger”

By the numbers.





Co-branded Franchised Units


Franchised Units
US States




Global Sales

6% Royalty

Percent of Net Sales

800-2250 ft.²

Ideal Square Footage

Fatburger Design Scheme

The interior design of Fatburger is a blast from the past. We’re mimicking Lovie’s original burger stands, using concrete flooring and industrial materials as a visual homage. After all, she was resourceful in using construction materials, favoring the adage “form follows function.” It’s an essential aspect of mid-century modern design, popularized in the ’50s when Fatburger became a thing. Following our bold approach in marketing, we use bold primary colors to make our brand stand out: bright red for passion, warm yellow for our cheerful and friendly ’tude, and bustling blue as a throwback to the original LA locations. That, and Lovie’s photo on the wall to, always remind us of our roots.

Put a Fatburger in your life.

(It’s a good-tasting business.) It’s hard to keep a business going for over 70 years. Even harder: to pursue the same standard of excellence Lovie Yancey did back in the day. Whether it’s our hand-pressed, never-frozen beef patties, scratch-made onion rings, or our homemade chili, if it’s on a Fatburger, you know it’s the best.


The last
great hamburger stand.

A lot has changed since the 50’s, but Fatburger has remained the same. It’s The Last Great Hamburger stand: a place where customers of all creeds come together to enjoy that same great-tasting burger, made with love from Lovie Yancey’s timeless recipe. Just what makes a Fatburger, a Fatburger? For starters, it’s that big fat patty. She made ’em the thickest and juiciest LA had ever seen, and when doubled, tripled, or quadrupled, they make for a pretty fat burger. Not that it should ever be two words. Fatburger stands on its own, as one word, one declaration. We don’t take kindly to the world’s definition of fat, so instead, we made it our own. Take it from Lovie, The name of the store was my idea, I wanted to get across the idea of a big burger with everything on it…a meal in itself.


The Fatburger legacy.

Fans of Fatburger know exactly what they’re getting when they visit us. Burgers, obviously, but burgers in a great atmosphere. Our stores are clean and bright with a distinctly nostalgic vibe, and we’re always playing great music. It’s what Lovie Yancey would’ve wanted. She loved the burgeoning music scene as much as her burgers, and many of her friends were part of it. They’d jot down songs while ordering from the counter, and grab a shake before heading back to the studio for a late night jam sesh. 

The FatBurger legacy