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Native Grill & Wings

Founded in 1979

Native Grill & Wings is a family-friendly, polished sports grill with 23 franchised locations throughout Arizona, Illinois, and Texas. Native, as the brand’s legion of fans call it, serves over 20 award-winning wing flavors that guests can order by the individual wing, as well as an extensive menu of pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads and more. For more information, visit

By the numbers.





Franchised Units
US States





2000-4500 ft.²

Ideal Space
Global Sales

6% Royalty

Percent of Net Sales

Native Grill & Wings Design

Arizona’s beautiful and rugged landscape inspires the design scheme of Native Grill & Wings. The store design features rusted elements and earth tones, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere for friends and family to gather and enjoy our delicious product offerings. The warm and inviting color palette creates a comfortable and welcoming environment that makes you feel right at home. So come in and join us for a great meal in a beautiful and relaxing setting.

Our Story

It’s a little known fact that Native started out as Native New Yorker before coming to Phoenix in the late 1970s. Even lesser known: we started a small pizza shop when we got in. But it wasn’t until we went back to our roots that we saw real success. Native Grill & Wings is all about bringing authentic buffalo-style wings out west, and they’re nothing short of the best. Breaded with extra crispy coating, they’re extra addicting, too. Word of mouth about our local watering hole spread, making Native what it is today: a community of like minded folks, sharing in good food and good times to boot.

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We’re All Regulars Here

What does it mean to be at Native? To us, it means to integrate with local culture, and we wouldn’t be anywhere without the locals. Native Grill & Wings is influenced by its generational patronage, and the more friendly folks you bring in, the more our kinship grows. For every walk of life, there’s a Native. We’re all regulars here.

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